VP Alupo in Doha for UN Least Developed Countries Conference

DOHA: Vice President Jessica Alupo arrived in Doha, the Republic of Qatar to attend the United Nations 5 days 5th conference on the least developed countries.

The Vice President was received on arrival at Hamad International Airport by Uganda’s ambassador to Qatar, Steven Chemoiko Chebrot and other embassy officials.

The conference that is convened every  ten years, aims at generating international attention and action in adressing challenges of poverty and hunger in the world.

Other themes target the achievement of Universal Education, promotion of gender equality and empowerment, improvement of maternal health and reduction of child mortality.

Others issues that Doha Conference will focus on include combating of different diseases, protection of nature as well as building synergies as enshrined in the Millennium Development’s Goals of 2000.

Most of these challenges are prevalent in the least developed countries most of which are categorised lowly on the UN Human Development Index.

A country’s resilience to these human development challenges and compatibility to sustainable development goals is the measure that determines the country’s position on the index.

A country is categorised either as being high, medium or low on the human development index. Uganda is slightly below the medium human development index as it stands at around 0.53 HDI as of 2021, which is an improvement from the original position of 0.329 HDI recorded by 1990.

Mauritius, Egypt,Seychelles, Libya and South Africa whose human development index is posted at between 0.700-0.799 are categorised as High on the HDI.

While Botswana,morocco,Ghana,Cape Verde, Sao Taome and Equatorial Guinea  are in the medium human development index scoring between 0.550-0.699 HDI. India is also in this category while the rest of Africa is in the low category.

Her Excellency Jessica Alupo will hold side meetings with a number of delegations including bilateral meetings with the Prime Minister of the State of Qatar, His Excellence Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, as well as meetings with other senior officials from Qatar Investment and Business Associations.

Uganda’s Foreign Minister, General Abubakar Jeje Odong  will also attend the conference and as well hold side meetings with his counterpart, H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin

Abdulrahman Al-Thani, who is the State of Qatar Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The conference is expected to make a declaration designed to adress challenges that impede the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the least developed countries.

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