Facts and Figures

Uganda is a landlocked country bordered by Kenya in the east, Sudan in the north, Democratic Republic of the Congo in the west, Rwanda in the southwest and Tanzania in the south.

Uganda’s total land area is 241,559 sq km. About 37,000 sq km of this area is occupied by open water while the rest is land. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, which it shares with Kenya and Tanzania.

Uganda is located on the East African plateau, averaging about 1,100 meters (3,609 ft) above sea level. The plateau generally slopes downwards towards Sudan explaining the northerly tendency of most river flows in the country. Although generally equatorial, the climate is not uniform since the altitude modifies the climate.

Uganda’s elevation, soil types and predominantly warm and wet climate impart a huge agricultural potential to the country. They also explain the country’s large variety of forests, grasslands and wildlife reserves. Uganda has a total population of about 32 million people.

Land Area: 199,808 Sq. Km.
Water and Swamps: 41,743 Sq. Km
Total Area: 241,551 Sq. Km.

Latitude: 4012’N and 1029’S
Longitude:29034’E and 3500’W

Minimum (above sea level – Albert Nile): 620 metres
Maximum (above sea level – Mt. Rwenzori):5,110 metres

Kampala: Annual Mean Temperature: 17.00C
Kampala: Annual Rainfall: 1436.0 mm

Arable Land: 25%
Permanent Crops: 9%
Permanent Pastures:9%
Forests and Woodland: 28%
Other: 29%

Total Population (2011 mid year)* :32.9 million
Female Population: 16.8 million
Male Population:16.1 million
Percentage Urban (2012):14.7 %
Population of Kampala City (2012): 1.72 million
Population/Aged under 18 Years (2008 mid year): 56%
Population/Aged 65+ (2007 mid year): 4.6%
Population Density (2002): 123 persons/km2
Inter-Censal Annual Population Growth Rate 1991- 2002:3.2% per year
Infant Mortality Rate (2002 census)*: 76 per 1000
Life Expectancy at birth (2002 census)*: 50.4 years

  • Male: 48.8 years
  • Female: 52.0 years

Population per Physician (Doctor): 18,575

English, Luganda and Kiswahili

Literacy Rate (2006): 69 %

  • Male: 76%
  • Female:63%

Roman Catholic: 33%
Protestant: 33%
Muslim: 16%
Indigenous Beliefs: 18%

GDP at current market prices (US$ million): 15.01
Per capita GDP at current market Prices (US$) (2011): 1,241
GDP Growth at constant (2002) market prices: 5.6%
Per capita GDP at constant (2002) market Prices: 1.9%
Agriculture as a % to GDP at market prices:22.5%
Balance of Payments surplus (US$ million):210.9
Inflation rate (March 2012):21.2%

Note: *Demographic estimates were based on the census 2002 final results