New Metropolitan Archbishop enthroned, preaches tolerance

His Eminence the Archbishop of the orthodox Holy Archdiocese of Kampala and all Uganda-Jeronymos Muzeeyi has been enthroned at a colorful ceremony at the St.Nicholas Orthodox church, Namugona,Kampala.

His Eminence Muzeeyi was elected on January 12,2022 by the Holy Synod of the Patriachate of Alexandria and all Africa, after the death of former Archbishop, His Eminence Yona Lwanga. He becomes the 3rd Archbishop of the Holy Metropolis of Kampala.

In a colorful ceremony attended by the Vice President-Jessica Alupo, different Ecumenical leaders and several leaders from the central Government, local Governments and cultural representatives, Archbishop Muzeeyi
preached tolerance for each other, regardless of political or religious affiliation and called for great respect for our country. “I will work with the Government of Uganda in all ways possible, for the unity, peace and prosperity of all”, the Archbishop said, in his first remarks to the congregation. “I, the servant of God, feeling the heavy responsibility to love, shall see that Ugandans remain conscious of their duty to God and our nation. I’m conscious of political contestations, but I strongly call for tolerance amidst political diversity for the good of our country”.

Vice President Alupo who was representing President Museveni re-echoed the words from the new Metropolis, saying the Bible and the Quran all preach peace, love and unity. “Let’s learn to tolerate each other and move our country in a unified way”, Alupo said. “The State”, she remarked, ” is the friend of the people and the people are friends of the state, let us renew our relationship, especially through dialogue”, the vice President added. Later, reading from the President’s speech, Alupo said the NRM Government would continue to enable sustained peace in which different programs can be realised, so as to reduce poverty. Later on, the VP handed the new Archbishop a brand new car, a gift, she said, was from H.E the President.

Earlier, Archbishop Makarios of Nairobi who had been caretaker of the Diocese had expressed his marvel at the beauty of Uganda, saying he experienced “first hand, the true love of the people”. “Uganda”, he said, are a friendly people “who are a great foundation for a friendly Government, and I found that the Government is in close touch and Relations with the Church”. However, he said, there is more need for unity, citing the April 1994 genocide in Rwanda, where people were killed. “We are not different here in Uganda or where I serve in Kenya; we have tribal rifts which make the grace of God seem insufficient”, he said, calling instead, for celebration of the insurmountable beauty of Uganda which has “a diversity of tribes that forms a rich heritage that we ought to be proud of”.

The Katikirro of Buganda and Busoga Charles Peter Mayiga and Joseph Muvawala,as well as the lord Mayor, Elias Lukwago also attended the ceremony.

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